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Responsible and transparent production

At AmNot, our garment are made one at a time by independant and talented seamtresses and the owner. No assembly lines here. We use the method called Single Piece Flow, and it is a principle of Lean Manufacturing which means the each seamstress is responsible for the entire garment. One-piece flow reduces waste to zero, improves drastically the quality of each piece over mass production, and most importantly, is better for our team who get to work at their own flow.

All the styles are cut small batches based on demand. This allows us to keep low inventory levels and never overproduce. It also allows us to cut different styles together to maximize fabric consumption, eliminating a big source of waste in traditional factories.



Raquel started sewing over 35 years ago. Originally from Colombia, she immigrated to Canada several years ago to pursue her career as a seamstress on her own. Raquel is versatile and produces unique pieces as well as small productions. She has been working with us on a weekly basis for over a year and a half. For AmNot, Raquel takes care of making all AmNot styles individually, but also making small AmNot productions.


Fufa started sewing over 35 years ago. Originally from Tunisia, she immigrated to Canada more than 15 years ago to pursue her career as a seamstress on her own with her daughter. Fufa specializes in detail work such as evening dresses. She also works for Boutique AmNot on a daily basis. Fufa exclusively handcrafts all of our coats one at a time, as well as the zip-up sweaters and sweatpants.


Diana Serrano started designing bags in 2002 after deciding to change her professional life and get away from advertising agencies. In 2009 Diana immigrated to Canada. Since then, she has worked in Montreal, Vancouver and Detroit (U.S.) as a sampler for a renowned luxury brand. After 15 years of experience, she decided to launch her leather goods business in Montreal, Snōland. We worked in collaboration with Diana for the making of our belt bags made of genuine leather trims. Every bag was sewn one at a time by hand.