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Created in Montreal, AmNot refers to the possibility of being more than just a social norm. AmNot is not just a brand, but also a lifestyle and a way of thinking.

"I Am Not" standard!

"I Am Not" ordinary!

“I Am Not” replaceable! I am more than that!

We offer you clothes and accessories that are entirely made in Montreal. This is a big part of who we are; proud Canadians who want to show the world what we do and why we deserve our place in the fashion industry.

The idea behind AmNot is to break and exceed the standards imposed by our society by providing you with unique products. Our goal is to make you proud to be who you are, no matter who you are. We are all unique and it's time to be proud of it!

But what is it that makes our products so remarkable? The fact that each piece of clothing can be adapted to your TRUE size. You can not only choose the size, but also the length of your item. Gone are the days when we had to adapt to clothes, now clothes are adapted to us!

Comfortable, durable, and high-end clothing that also respects the environment, it's here! How is it possible ? By doing what is called "Upcycling". This is a manufacturing method which gives a second life to pre loved clothes. We therefore use old pieces of denim which, despite their quality, are no longer worn or used, and we transform them in such a way as to create a product of better quality and value than the original. Did you know that denim is the most worn piece of clothing in the world? Were you also aware that it is one of the most polluting products in the world due to the enormous amount of water and energy required to produce each pair of jeans? This is why we are proud to be able to reuse up to 90% of the excess denim to create new garments. But that's not all! All new materials used in our products are also certified organic and fair trade, a sign of transparency.

Upcycling is an art that is becoming more and more trendy in our society. Making something new with old is our way of reducing overconsumption while creating unique pieces.